Whether you’re looking for a build-only or you’d prefer our ‘end-to-end’ service to let us handle every aspect of the residential design and build of your property, Construction Bushi is here for you. 

There are many steps to a great n home transformation, starting with an architectural design by a team who will be able to take care of everything up to final planning approved drawings. This leads us to the pre-build stage in which the project manager will be in control making sure that the results are the very best for your home. The build is the most important step where the project manager will be leading our brilliant team and guides you through the project to completion.


If you need an extra floor space, it may be time to consider a basement conversion.



Extra space is always useful, so choose between a single, double, wrap and side extension. 


If you’re looking to extend upwards into your roof space to add an elegant new area, we will make it happen.


If your home has started to look a little tired or its style needs updating, it may be time for you to consider a refurbishment.